Both the great Truths and the great Falsehoods of the twentieth century lie hidden in the arcane, widely inaccessible, and seemingly mundane domain of the radiation sciences

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Trial of the Cult of Nuclearists: Exhibit E continued

What follows is the continuation, in serial form, of a central chapter from my book A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science.

Exhibit E continued

It is beyond the scope of this book to offer an exhaustive review of the popular and scientific opposition that arose in the second half of the twentieth century to the nuclear agenda. The point has been to provide just a sketch of the social context in which the government’s efforts to coerce the nation into hosting nuclear weapons and reactors took place. Controversial and dangerous programs were thrust upon the American people. Many perceived these as reckless endangerment to public health. Research by scientists with impeccable credentials confirmed the perceptions of many citizens that the risks from radiation exposure were cause for legitimate concern. Waves of opposition from throughout the heartland repeatedly swept over Washington. Nuclear programs were under a perpetual state of siege. The government was forced to adopt a defensive posture in opposition to the very citizens it was supposed to represent. Much money and manpower was expended devising new tactics to dissuade the public from raising further opposition. When evidence began accumulating of the hazard to health from low doses of radiation, members of the nuclear establishment recognized that a point of crisis had been reached. A endgame had to be devised. Unmistakable proof of endangerment from low doses of radiation would render all state-sponsored nuclear programs indefensible. The government would be exposed as culpable for injuring tens of millions of its citizens. Financial reparations would be demanded for the ill and families of the dead. Accusations of crimes against humanity might be lodged. The line in the sand had been drawn. At whatever cost, by whatever means, mainstream science could not be permitted to establish a link between low levels of radiation and ill health. This was the unprotected flank of the entire nuclear enterprise. Renegades to the nuclear agenda could mount a successful scientific attack over this ground and ruin the plans of the Cult of Nuclearists. To forestall this prospect, radiation science as it applies to public health was preemptively infiltrated and subverted. A system of radiation safety was implemented that successfully masked low-level radiation effects and the threat to health of internal contamination. Worldwide acceptance of the bureaucratic infrastructure that upheld this defective methodology enabled mainstream science to testify before all mankind that government-sponsored nuclear programs and commercial nuclear power plants were safe and posed no hazard to health of the general population. With this accomplished, the Cult of Nuclearists had erected an impregnable and unassailable fortress by which to protect all future uses of radioactive material. Effective opposition would be forever muted. To challenge government on the safety of any of its programs involving radioactive material would first require a successful challenge to the entire edifice of radiation protection guidelines and the orthodox methodology for calculating dosage and assessing risk. As long as this infrastructure maintained the facade of scientific impeccability, all antagonists would be cut off at the knees, unable to challenge on “scientific” grounds that nuclear and radiological programs were ruining the health of life on planet Earth.

As outlined earlier in this chapter, the development of units of measurement for dosages of radiation was a profound intellectual achievement. It enabled scientists to quantify the interaction of radiation with matter. Likewise, the work of the Tri-Partite Conferences and Subcommittee Two was a milestone in radiation safety, allowing scientists to make significant inroads into determining what might constitute hazardous levels of internal contamination. In the hands of unscrupulous scientists, however, these scientific achievements were redirected to serve a political purpose. Hiding within established scientific theory and legitimate protocol, these scientists transformed the science of radiation protection into a masterpiece of trickery and beguilement. As currently crafted, the methodology for calculating dosages of radiation to exposed populations and determining health risks from these dosages is weighted against ever establishing definitive proof of hazard from low-dose exposure from internal emitters. This is by design. The reigning paradigm dictating the current approach to radiation protection has been artfully constructed to mask low-level radiation effects. This faithfully serves the Cult of Nuclearists which has been scattering radiation over the Earth for half a century. Science has been kidnapped to intentionally hide the destructive health consequences to all life on Earth by the nuclear programs of the government.

It is alleged that the Cult of Nuclearists perpetrates a conspiracy against the people of the Earth so as to pursue its unquenchable thirst for developing nuclear/radiological weapons and procuring centralized control of the production of electricity through nuclear power. They hide the poisoned fruit of their nefarious deeds, radioactive pollution of Nature and the people of the Earth, behind inaccessible and fraudulent scientific models. They depend upon the international radiation protection agencies to enshrine these models and make them unassailable. With this infrastructure in place, every radiation release can be made to appear as inconsequential to health. Numbers are generated to “scientifically” verify the harmlessness of each release and demonstrate that dosages fall within limits accepted as permissible by the standard setting agencies. With no recourse to any other point of view, the public is forced to accept the opinion of the “experts.” Most insidious is the fact that a whole generation of health physicists has been indoctrinated into the prevailing paradigm so as to unquestionably uphold the instrument of deception used to validate and protect the Cult of Nuclearists. Occasionally, scientists sufficiently trained in the radiation sciences to appreciate the fraud being perpetrated emerge to offer testimony against the corrupted paradigm. The defenders of the status quo then work to have these “rogue” scientists spurned and have their scientific work marginalized. The science of radiation protection, once conducted under the spirit of the search for truth, has been transformed by governments into an instrument of intellectual enslavement and the perpetuation of ignorance. The victim of this crime is ultimately Life itself. The viability of all life forms to survive in an increasingly contaminated environment is being eroded and will continue to erode throughout the generations until an end is brought to this villainy.

The accusations materializing across these pages are momentous. Where, it will be asked, is the proof?

Admittedly, within the public domain, no smoking gun exists for these crimes. There are no confessions from the principals involved, no documents unearthed revealing an international conspiracy. But it is the major thesis of this book that proof of this nature is not required. To know the Cult of Nuclearists and their crimes, all that is required is to look to their deeds. By their deeds you will know them. Left in the wake of their efforts to cover-up the radioactive pollution of the Earth is unmistakable evidence of their lies and deceptions.

Radiation protection, when applied to the public’s exposure to nuclear/radiological weapons and the effluent from commercial nuclear reactors, is an elaborate show of smoke and mirrors. It has been constructed to make an elephant, radioactive contamination of the Earth, disappear. Betraying the magicians’ craft, secrets of the trade will now be revealed.

Contained within each new deck of cards are two jokers. In many types of card games, the rules allow for these jokers to take on changing identities for the benefit of those who hold them. In the game of radiation protection, these two jokers are DOSE and RISK. These are extremely slippery characters, chameleons, continually metamorphosing to lend the appearance to any radiation release that nothing hazardous to human health has transpired. When a radiation release occurs, the two most important pieces of information members of the public who might have been exposed want to know is their level of exposure (dose) and the risk this dose poses to their health. Clever manipulation of these two key pieces of information can transform any radiation insult, no matter how extreme, into a seemingly benign event.

Let’s start unmasking the fraud by looking at the concept of dose. At its simplest, a dose of radiation represents a quantity of energy absorbed by the human body. As we saw earlier, the first unit of absorbed dose was the rad. It is calculated by dividing the total energy absorbed, measured in ergs, by the mass that absorbs it, measured in grams. Dose = energy divided by mass (d = e/m). According to current radiation protection guidelines, adults employed in industries where exposure to radiation may occur are permitted an annual dose of 5 rem (0.05 Sv). Members of the general public are permitted 0.1 rem (1 mSv) per year.

Now let’s play a little game. Suppose, purely as a thought experiment, that the current system of radiation protection is not about protecting the public from the ill effects of radiation, but rather about protecting the nuclear establishment from criticism and covering up the casualties suffered by the public by the deeds of the Cult of Nuclearists. In order to insure that this racket continues indefinitely, doses to the public must be made to appear below the permissible dose. Given this prerequisite, how many ways can we manipulate the joker called dose so as to hoodwink a naive and trusting public into believing that they are safe from harm?